Memorial Fund



Just a few days before Ed passed away, he expressed a desire to provide financial support to Elyon Primary, a private Christian school in the village of Mutungo, Uganda.


The Bideau family has a special tie with the school. Ed’s daughter Jennifer first visited on a mission trip in 2008. She returned several times, taking Ed’s wife Margaret in 2009.


They both performed home visits to enroll children and also taught classes at the school. Margaret, a 5th grade teacher, also formed a pen pal relationship between her students and those in Uganda.


Shortly after his passing, a memorial fund was created to carry forward Ed’s plans for the children of Elyon Primary. The Bideau family would like to thank our friends, family, and community for donating over $10,0000, which has been used to help pay for an expansion to the school and provide scholarships for children whose parents cannot afford the tuition. Ed’s daughter Jennifer and son-in-law Eric traveled to Uganda in May of 2015 to permanently place this plaque in his honor.



The students and parents above are celebrating the grand opening of the room provided by the memorial fund.

About Elyon Primary


Most schools in Uganda are little more than daycare serving over 200 students per teacher. Shadrack and Winnie Namanya founded Elyon in 2001 to provide a proper yet affordable education. What began as a one-room schoolhouse next to the Namanya’s home has since expanded to multiple buildings across two campuses, now providing kindergarten through seventh grade to over 700 students. “It has been a long journey of perseverance but we are sure the results will be good,” says Winnie Namanya. “We have set a good foundation for these pupils.”