“Ed has an understanding of the needs of small business, agriculture, and education in SEKS.” – Walt and Mary Ann Rehger

We would like to endorse Ed Bideau for the 9th House District. Ed has an understanding of the needs of small business, agriculture, and education in Southeast Kansas because he and members of his family are directly involved in each of those areas. Having been a county attorney for 10 years he appreciates the difficulties our local communities and counties face in these difficult times. Being part of a close knit family, he recognizes the challenges our population encounters from childhood through the senior years.

In the redistricting that has occurred, our region has lost one seat from each of the legislative bodies and those seats were gains for the Johnson County area. We need someone who will stand up for our needs in this area, especially in education. The other candidates individually propose backing big city legislators that are trying to better their own schools at the cost of denigrating ours, or would seek to have the legislature make decisions on funding that the courts are currently making. Since we are the underdog in this scenario, it is nearly certain we would lose even more funding than we already have. Having less congressmen in rural Kansas will push the advantage to the large municipalities. They will not want to share their larger tax base with those of us in districts with greater than 40% of the students on free and reduced lunches. Without this assistance from the state, which is provided for in our state constitution, this area will continue to decline.

We invite you to join us in voting for Ed Bideau on August 7. Please do not take our word on this, but do your own research on the candidates. Do not just take any of the beautiful brochures that are being passed out at face value. In fourth grade students learn about how these are persuasive papers, and, while telling the truth, they leave out things that we should be aware of when we make our decisions. Be smarter than a fourth grader, and go to the effort of educating yourself on what each candidate is proposing to do and how it will affect our area of the great state of Kansas.

Walt and Mary Ann Rehger
Allen County Precinct Committee persons
Iola, KS