“Ed Bideau, a servant to the end.” – Susan Lynn

Rep. Ed Bideau was a most unassuming man whose mild demeanor belied the passion he felt for his state.

At a time when most would take down the single, Bideau re-entered state politics after a hiatus of 25 years during which he practiced law, farmed, and helped wife Margaret raise their three children.

Bideau was a moderate Republican, believing in the state’s responsibility to its citizens. He voted against reducing the state’s income tax rates, against allowing firearms in public buildings (though it should be noted he was a strong advocate for gun rights) and against the state budget.

By evidence of his voting record, he was OK with being in the minority. He lived by his conscience.

From his outsider’s perspective, he must have been a good husband, by evidence of his loyal wife Margaret, who in addition to her teaching duties managed his campaign and marketing directives. Together, they made a most admirable couple.

His death Thursday leaves a hole in our hearts for his family.

Ed Bideau was a leader. We will miss his sound judgment, his humble ways, and his steadfast conviction that Kansas is a worthy cause.

May he rest in peace.

Susan Lynn
Editor, Iola Register