“Ed has an understanding of the needs of small business, agriculture, and education in SEKS.” – Walt and Mary Ann Rehger

We would like to endorse Ed Bideau for the 9th House District. Ed has an understanding of the needs of small business, agriculture, and education in Southeast Kansas because he and members of his family are directly involved in each of those areas. Having been a county attorney for 10 years he appreciates the difficulties our local communities and counties face in these difficult times. Being part of a close knit family, he recognizes the challenges our population encounters from childhood through the senior years.

In the redistricting that has occurred, our region has lost one seat from each of the legislative bodies and those seats were gains for the Johnson County area. We need someone who will stand up for our needs in this area, especially in education. The other candidates individually propose backing big city legislators that are trying to better their own schools at the cost of denigrating ours, or would seek to have the legislature make decisions on funding that the courts are currently making. Since we are the underdog in this scenario, it is nearly certain we would lose even more funding than we already have. Having less congressmen in rural Kansas will push the advantage to the large municipalities. They will not want to share their larger tax base with those of us in districts with greater than 40% of the students on free and reduced lunches. Without this assistance from the state, which is provided for in our state constitution, this area will continue to decline.

We invite you to join us in voting for Ed Bideau on August 7. Please do not take our word on this, but do your own research on the candidates. Do not just take any of the beautiful brochures that are being passed out at face value. In fourth grade students learn about how these are persuasive papers, and, while telling the truth, they leave out things that we should be aware of when we make our decisions. Be smarter than a fourth grader, and go to the effort of educating yourself on what each candidate is proposing to do and how it will affect our area of the great state of Kansas.

Walt and Mary Ann Rehger
Allen County Precinct Committee persons
Iola, KS

“Ed Bideau is one of the most talented and informed person that I have had the privilege to know.” -Melvin Neufeld

As a former Speaker of the House and a long time member of the Kansas Legislature I was pleased when I heard that Ed Bideau was running to once again represent the people of Southeast Kansas. I served with Ed when he was in the Legislature and found him to be a great legislature and a person that made friends with members from all areas of Kansas. It was a great loss when Ed decided to leave the House and he has been greatly missed.

Ed Bideau is one of the most talented  and informed person that I have had the privilege to know, and I have served with hundreds of good people in my 24 years of service. Ed has the ability to help folks understand the needs of his area and the work ethic to get the job done. We share the values of rural Kansas and like myself he is pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, pro-small business, and supports low taxes. Ed has long supported local control for schools, cites and counties, limited state government and belief in Federalism and reigning in run away government in Washington, DC.

The people of the 9th District should send the man to Topeka who shares their values and will work for their area and the entire state. That man is Ed Bideau my friend and yours.

Melvin Neufeld
Speaker of the House (retired)
Garden City, KS

“Ed is the man I would trust with our district’s causes.” – Paul Friskel

I would like to add my endorsement for Ed Bideau to represent our congressional district in the state legislature. We were in business side by side for several years. I found Ed to be a man that I would trust with our district’s causes in Topeka. I believe he will do his best to ensure rural Kansas is fairly treated on topics that concern us most; small business, agriculture, education, and our senior citizens.

Please vote for Ed Bideau on August.7.

Paul Friskel
Iola, KS

“Ed can be counted on, a man of his word.” – Chuck Chandler

It seems our governmental structure,our Country, is at a crossroads. A huge and critical choice to be made by us the voters, we the people. Much of the mess we find ourselves in is of our own making. Complacency, I suppose, has caused many of us to work along or ride along while, little by little, the basic structure of our lives has been eroded by rampant regulation, out of control government spending and good ol’ boy cliques. To right our course will require people of integrity and strong moral character.

I’ve spent most of my life conducting small business in southeast Kansas. Hard work, honesty, trustworthiness and appreciation of the people I serve are the values I learned young. These values I learned right along side Ed Bideau. As young kids in the same neighborhood we learned basic lessons from the same adults. The importance of family, to be in favor of life. The strength to stand on principles of honesty and truth even when it’s not popular.Working and playing on the Bideau farm we learned to respect nature and the land. Being shown the difference in giving a hand up vs a hand out, we learned that work resulted in reward.

Sound and conservative economic behavior and belief in personal responsibility. These are values I know we can count on Ed Bideau to display. I say I know this because I’ve grown up with him. I’ve seen the way he deals with problems and big decisions. I know he can be counted on . A man of his word. We need him as representative for southeast Ks. in Topeka.

Chuck Chandler
Chandler Oil
Chanute, KS

Letter of Support from Bob Sharp

I know it is hot and I know it is dry. I have lived through these cycles since the 1930s. Nobody has ever been able to change the weather.

This year we have opportunity to change the representatives and senators of the state Legislature. I sincerely hope that Brownback’s plan will work for the state, but I am sure it will not work. If it doesn’t, we will see high property taxes, higher sales taxes, and less money for education. I feel John Coen and Ed Bideau are two people who want to see good things happen to the state of Kansas and people who live here. I sincerely hope you will vote for them Aug. 7.

Bob Sharp
Humboldt, KS

“Make no mistake, Ed Bideau will measure twice and cut once.” – Ross Hendrickson

As a father and business owner I will be standing with Ed Bideau on Tuesday, August 7 for his run to be our next House of Representatives member for the 9th District.

When August 7 comes, I will cast my vote for Ed Bideau, because I know that he will truly represent southeast Kansas and protect our way of life. Make no mistake, Ed Bideau will measure twice and cut once upon looking on which way to cast votes in the House of Representatives. The bills that come before each chamber can be highly complex with outcomes not foreseen with original intent. We need a representative that understands the process and can make an impact on day one. If elected, Ed Bideau will make an impact on day one of the session, and in my opinion, will carry influence well beyond the power of one vote with his vision and leadership among his peers in the House of Representatives.

I want our representatives to stand firm for public education and not allow the wealthy metro districts to not pay their fair share for an equal education for all children in Kansas. I want our representative to arrive in Topeka on day one of the session fighting for southeast Kansas and not believing that Johnson County legislators have our best interest in mind. I want our representative to be a fiscal conservative, however, understand that the more taxes are cut in Topeka, the impact will be harder on rural communities. Simply put, prepare yourself that property taxes will be the only option rural communities will have to maintain basic services and provide a quality education for our children.

Ed Bideau believes that the best ideas on how to represent southeast Kansas come from our fellow residents of southeast Kansas, not from the preset “playbook”  on how to vote on vital matters before this upcoming session that benefit the wealthy communities and believe that rural communities are a past gone by.

Please join me in standing with Ed Bideau this Tuesday, August 7 because it will be a day that will determine the future for southeast Kansas.

Ross T. Hendrickson
Chanute, KS

“Teamwork was Ed’s favorite word.” – Tom McClaren

I am writing this letter in support of Ed. Bideau for the Kansas House of Representative, in the 9th District.

I have known Ed since he was 15 years old, We lived behind the Bideau family for 26 years. I have observed Ed’s walk through life and the many endeavors that he encountered. One of his first was an attempt to form a neighborhood band. Ed continued his love of music and now plays with a local Dixieland band. Ed didn’t give up on music and he won’t give up on the needs of the 9th District.

After high school Ed enrolled in college and pursued a law degree. While in college Ed worked in the State Insurance Commission, where he gained insight of the insurance business.

Ed returned to Chanute in 1974 and was employed by Neosho County as Assistant County Attorney. Ed worked under Raymond Radford, a retired F.B.I. agent. Ray Radford was a great mentor for Ed.

Ed being a team leader shared this new information with the law enforcement personnel. This brought our win ratio in court cases to a higher level. Ed worked daily with the Chanute P.D. and the Neosho County sheriff’s office. Many times had contact with Wilson, Allen, Labette counties when a series of crimes were similar in all these counties. Teamwork was Ed’s favorite word and will continue to be in the 9th District.

Ed’s mother Beverly Bideau was a school teacher, and Margaret, Ed’s wife, still teaches. Ed has knowledge of the school system and how difficult funding is to obtain at the state level. Education is instilled in the Bideau family.

Ed was elected to two terms in the State House or Representative, he served this district with the interest of all the people and he will do again with integrity and honest answers. Ed supports our 2nd amendment as I do and he is a life member of the N.R.A.

There are occasions when Ed and I have lunch together we discuss family, work projects, world problems, sometimes politics. It appears to me that Ed is extremely aware of all things surrounding him directly or indirectly. His interest seems unlimited.

Ed will keep us informed on matters that may affect our district good or bad. Because of Ed’s excellent record in congress, join with me and vote for Ed Bideau for the 9th district on August 7.

Tom McClaren
Assistant Chief of Police (Retired)
Chanute, KS

“We admire Ed’s trust worthiness, knowledge and integrity.” – Dave and Alice Robinson

Returning to Chanute in 1967 we’ve considered it a privilege to know Ed Bideau as a personal friend, fellow committee member, as our county attorney and state representative. We admire his trust worthiness, knowledge and integrity and would trust him explicitly to fairly represent all of us in southeast Kansas.

Vote for Ed Bideau on August the 7th!

Dave and Alice Robinson
Chanute, KS

“Without exception, I know Ed to be a man of unquestionable honesty and integrity, strong in his convictions, personal faith and beliefs, and committed to his family.” – Tom Mikulka

I write to endorse Ed Bideau for 9th District Representative for the Kansas House, and to urge your support and vote for him on the 7th.

Though I don’t know what I might write that hasn’t already been said or written, I will share some thoughts based on my personal and professional contacts with Ed (beginning in the early 1980’s when he was the Neosho County Attorney and continuing to today).

Without exception, I know Ed to be a man of unquestionable honesty and integrity, strong in his convictions, personal faith and beliefs, and committed to his family. I support Ed because I know that he will objectively examine an issue, because he has the heart, the intellect and the analytical skills to do so, and because he will not act from a preconceived conclusion or position.

I know that he will not always agree with what I might think to be best, but also know that differing points of view will be respectfully and reasonably considered. As a Kansas Representative, I believe that Ed understands that he would truly represent the people of his district – all of them. And as his son has said, “Ed helps people” and, I believe, truly likes people – a quality that should not be undervalued.

For all the above reasons, I will vote for Ed on the 7th, and respectfully urge you to vote for him, also.

Tom Mikulka
Chanute, KS